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  • Free (up to 20 minutes)

  • It might be useful to have an initial email, telephone or video consultation to see if we could work together.  This could be if you are uncertain about how to choose a therapist, or whether therapy would be appropriate.  This could be used to answer any questions or to get a sense of the therapy relationship.  


  • Initial appointments are usually 50 minutes, although a longer appointment may be advisable e.g. if a insurance report is required, if there are particular communication needs including autism, there are complex and multiple problems, or it may be a client preference

  • Therapy appointments are usually 50 minutes

  • Appointments can be by telephone, video or face to face (East Leake - LE12)

  • Fees are from £110 (telephone/video).  For face to face sessions a surcharge to cover clinic room fees may apply

  • An assessment is an opportunity to discuss your problems in some depth, what may have led to them, and to begin to develop a psychological formulation about what is going on (e.g. triggers, patterns, etc.).  It may also be useful to think about how we work together, your hopes or fears for therapy, what you have tried already, and what you hope to change.​

Corporate training - fees available on request

Reports - fees available on request

Supervision - please get in touch if you are a trainee or qualified practitioner seeking supervision

If you intend to fund sessions through private medical insurance, please let me know when you get in touch. If you wish to book an appointment, you will be sent a full copy of the Terms and Conditions.


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